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Give Them A Call

0345 2300 599

Nobody has done more for the Amateur Radio hobby than Martin Lynch and Sons, when I say that I mean his whole team too. Martin Lynch sponsors many events nationwide and knowing Martin possibly  worldwide too.

His staff are extremely helpful and even if you have a problem understanding something once you get a radio home just give them a call and they’re always happy to help.

We went there last year, walked into the store and before we knew what was happening Jonathon was asking us if we’d like a cup of coffee, how nice is that? Special event days there are great too, lots of lectures etc in the Academy upstairs.

Yes there’s an Academy there, the Ham Radio Training Academy (HRTA) is another brilliant concept, Teaching Foundation and Intermediate Licence levels, and performing Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced (Full) Licence exams.

 They are regular visitors to Hamfest in Grantham and other rallies, (would like to see them come along to the Canvey Rally one day, you never know it may happen). Look out for their famous Hogroast day it’s usually at the beginning of December, we attended last year’s one, what a good day that was (Until it rained on the way home), there are usually a couple of events in the year so I believe, maybe if Martin reads this he can let me know when they will be for 2018 and I’ll post them right here.

Look out for Martin Lynch on you tube too, some great video’s there including Reviews, Unboxing, Setting up things like Raspberry Pi and SDR’s, and Radio Talk which is one of my favourites, only had two at the moment (must be due another one soon) they’re very informative, and Steve Venner’s How to fit antenna connectors (great for Intermediate).


ML&S Facebook page keeps you bang up to date with all of the events, Radio news, HRTA news and lots lots more.

ML&S is always worth a visit, so as soon as you get a chance to visit do so, you won’t regret it (I never have)

Lane buying a great antenna

The upstairs training academy


1st Saturday in December is Hog Roast day, it’s a well attended event so if ever you’re within travelling distance try to make it along there, it’s a great day