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New Dstar/DMR Repeater for Romford?

Yes looking like it’s true, According to the RSGB website GB7HH is located in Harold Hill (Hence the HH I suppose) and is already licenced, not before time really for this area, Barking repeater (GB7AK) hit’s part of it but not all, and Kelvedon Hatch isn’t that great there either. Should be interesting to see what it’s like. 439.7500 - 430.7500 MHz. Click on pic or Here for details.


Mainly out portable in the summer months otherwise at my QTH on VHF/UHF, DMR and C4FM (Yaesu System Fusion)


Welcome to the homepage of Terry 2E0IPK,I became interested in Amateur Radio about 47 years ago when I was around 14 and was given a Shortwave Radio, I took it to work when I was a messenger in London and listened to mainly Amateur stuff rather than commercial and as a fan ever since. At the age of 59 I decided it was time to get licenced, especially as at this time they had dropped Morse Code from the test. So February 23rd 2017 I passed my Foundation and November 18th 2017 I passed my Intermediate Licence. Plan to take the advanced? Yes, but certainly not yet, I had an enormous headache whilst taking the Intermediate.

South east Amateur Radio Society

2nd Tuesday of the month in Thundersley

Essex Skills Night Pictures

Pictures from Essex Ham.

Lighthouse on the air?

Well there’s windmills, Summits etc

Why not lighthouses, this could be good

Essex Skills Nights

3rd Monday of the month in Danbury

Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio interest is on the up, This one is located at the South Foreland Lighthouse


Proper gater, well no Propagation, Space weather and how it effects VHF Radio Signals

Satellite Communications

SO-50, Funcube whatever it is it’s all great technology used in Amateur Radio

Local Repeaters

There are many Repeaters in the Essex/London area’s and some are quite active like GB3HW and GB3DA

Yaesu System Fusion

Not so many C4FM repeaters in the area at all at present but in the future who knows?


A few good codeplugs out there at the moment, need to get your I.D first of all. With the lack of Sunspots at the moment at least you’ll be able to chat to people further afield.

     2M, 70Cms

More >>More >>

Established in 1954 RAIBC is a national society and charity, dedicated to supporting Radio Amateurs and shortwave listeners with disabilities. These people are there if you have a disability so give them a call or look them up on the internet.

 The RAIBC has a a free helpline:     0800 028 8660 or visit their website:

PI2NOS Dutch repeater system is now available for us to use here in the UK. It is available to listen on 430.125 MHz and to transmit using an +8.5 offset, however there is no CTCSS required. If you log in to their dashboard you can see which repeater you are accessing just click here for their dashboard and to listen live. I have accessed this system several times now, mainly from my home in Dagenham but twice via my Baofeng UV5R from Dover White Cliffs, that was using great Tropospheric Ducting that day.

Not sure if there are any other countries around that have repeaters we can access, it’ll certainly be fun in trying to find them, it’s fun trying to find British one’s too as the frequencies are often repeated

PI2NOS Dutch Repeater System

Foundation Callsign Change, the first change in licencing since I first became licenced myself.

It has been announced that the Foundation Licence Callsign will be changing from M6 to M7, it’s going to be weird hearing M7 instead of M6, CQ CQ CQ this is M7ABC, Just Cool

In reply to Robert K6UDA with his youtube video, Like him I have all three modes, Dstar, DMR and Fusion, he says that if anybody says there’s a difference it’s BS. Sorry Robert, I like your video’s and love that Kenwood D74 (I have one myself) but the Dstar sound on it is rather thin, DMR has more body to it but to me it does drop out easily, whereas the Fusion radio has less packet loss, and superb audio quality, and if you use it VW (Voice Wide) it’s an excellent sound that is like having the person in the room with you. Just my opinion obviously but not BS. I love my Kenwood D74 and your video’s are great quality but you are wrong about the comparison of the three main Digital modes.

Havering Amateur Radio Club.

The club meets at 8pm every Wednesday at Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch. It’s a small club but get quite a good turnout every week. I’ve been along there twice but Wednesday isn’t the best evening for me. Some of the members are often to be found on GB3HW Romford 70Cms repeater. Havering Radio Club have a site that is slightly out of date but it still has information there that is still valid today. They used to hold training there, I’m not sure if they still do but I hall endeavour to find out.





Best Outdoor Clothing around

The all new Icom IC 9700

It sure looks the biz, but is it really worth £1700?

Well not to me no, first and foremost I like a radio I can listen to, one that allows me to listen to more than just Ham bands, we know how renowned hams are for not talking, so from what I gather this radio doesn’t pick up outside the amateur bands, to me that is a major disappointment. Looks good, possibly sounds excellent but not for me. I have a £300 Yaesu FTM100DE that allows me to listen anywhere between 108.0 MHz to 999.9MHz, that’ll do me, if they widebanded the 9700, Great

I can totally recommend Regatta Outdoor Clothing to anyone, I use it myself so I know what I am talking about.

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Do Not Use 431-432 MHz  if you are transmitting within 100 KM of Charing Cross, London. (within the circle on the map to the left)

This is included within the band plan for the UK and is also covered in the foundation licence.

Where I often go is just outside that area, however I still wouldn’t use more than 10W output power (My choice) especially if there’s a tropo lift on.

Foundation licence holders please be aware of this information Thankyou

100km Charing Cross