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A Little About Me

Born February 6th 19 something in Romford (then classed as Essex), later worked in London at an advertising agency (McCann Erickson) which I absolutely loved, became interested in radio at the age of around 14, then heard the late great Tony Hancock’s Radio Ham and realised that wow there are people out there like me. As there was no such thing as mobile phones or Internet it was very difficult to find out ANY information regarding this great hobby.

         When I did eventually find out about it I heard that you needed to take a Morse Code test so I decided against it as I felt that I wouldn’t have a hope (still learning English lol), so I left it. Used to attend the Dagenham Town Show and would always visit the Amateur Radio tent, unfortunately there were several radio’s with operators at them, not even turning around to speak to people who may have had questions for them or just needed information, what a waste of time that was, if you’re going to run an event in public at least have people on hand to explain what is going on.


Then in 2016 I was browsing the Internet for amateur Radio in the UK and saw that Morse was no longer a requirement (that pleased me big time) I then started watching youtube  video’s and came across a show called TX Factor, a well made channel dedicated to all things amateur radio. I watched a few episodes until I came to show number 9, this particular show was absolutely perfect for me because it was near home, this introduced me to Essex Ham, and with the help of Pete Sipple M0PSX I managed to get my foundation Licence in February 2017. I wasn’t planning to take it any further on the licencing front but I got a radio that pushes out three power levels, 5, 25 and 50W, that would have meant I could only use the lowest at foundation. So I enrolled for an Intermediate course at Martin Lynch & Son’s November 2017 and passed that too. After I came out of the classroom knowing that I’d passed I decided that was enough and I’d stick at Intermediate, what utter rubbish that is, I now intend to press on and get my full licence in the very near future, just hope I can get M#0IPK as it shows on the licence.

As I don’t have an HF radio I tend to do whatever I can on VHF/UHF including digital modes like DMR, C4FM and more recently DSTAR, I like to take my radio’s out too, I am often playing radio on the White Cliffs In Dover, so obviously I use Tropo Ducting rather than the Ionosphere (well when conditions permit obviously) but Hey Ho, whatever happens I’m happy doing what I do.

Hope you like the site, I do intend to add lots more information as and when I can. If anybody wants to add anything or comments just let me know at the above contact options and I will see what I can do about adding them here, can’t say fairer than that can I.

October 12-14th we attended the RSGB Convention in Milton Keynes, it was a new experience for me, went to Hamfest last year so it was the convention’s turn this year, hopefully next year I will be out and about doing Satellite work, either locally or in Dover Kent, so if you see me around say hello, even more so if you hear me on the radio pop in and say Hi, I am an avid listener to all forms of radio whether it’s commercial AM/FM or DAB to HF (via my Kenwood TH D74) AM/FM Amateur bands as well as Air Band and Marine Band. I just love listening to whatever/whenever I can. Often use the digital modes DMR (Via Retevis RT3), C4FM (Fusion) (via Yaesu FTM100DE) and Dstar (via Kenwood TH D74).



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